Rising numbers with no visible proof-Nigerians cry out

In the recent days, we have heard of the increase in number of those infected with COVID-19 in Nigeria. The question Nigerians are asking is where are they? Where are pictures or videos to show Nigerians how serious this is.

The public are concerned, with the total lockdown we still have double the number of infected people than when there was no lock down.


Below are pictures of reported cases by the NCDC (without visul proof)

Questions masses asked;

How do we believe without seeing?

Is the government saying the truth?

Is it that our doctors don’t have phones to show us what is happening?

from the above, we could see the rise in number of the infected but where are the people?

A reporter added by saying, why people don’t comply with the lock down is because the country hasn’t not been transparent with the public. With over 100 cases there is no visual proof of the infected.

We need to see, the masses cry out.

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