#DirtyChallenge, Recent hit DIRTY go viral on IG – ‘Promphizy’s IG’ mean for his career?


Let’s Talk!!! #DirtyChallenge, What does ‘Promphizy’s IG’ mean for his career?

Promphizy’s IG is plastered with videos of scantily clad women twerking their souls off, could it be indicative of something? 💭

Pommak Dennis (Promphizy)

Lately , ‘Promphizy’s IG’ became a trending topic in Jos, Nigeria.

If you were not a pervert or obsessed with checking Instagram videos, you would have questioned the ‘why’ and ‘how’ ‘Promphizy’s IG’ became a trending topic.

But for ‘men of the culture,’ they had been ‘binge stalking’ Promphizy’s Instagram page, @Promphizy for two days before it became a trending topic. It all started some weeks after Promphizy  released his  new single, ‘Dirty

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The song has a very ‘suggestive’ and raunchy cover art. It shows a woman with a huge bum smiling while comfortably sitting on his car. Most acts promote their songs with Instagram posts of people singing or dancing to their songs. Sometimes, the dance routines they post can be raunchy.

Promphizy releases Dirty (JayRecords)
  • However, Promphizy chose a different route with the #DirtyChallange. Instead of the regular level, Promphizy’s viral moment went from 0-100. With a song that already appreciates the sensitive parts of a woman’s body, Promphizy started promoting the song with a series of videos of women twerking to ‘Dirty’

As at 11:00 am on the morning of May 28 2020, Promphizy  had posted more than 10 videos of women twerking to ‘Dirty.’ To the joy and adulation of ‘perverted’ men, these women had bums of all colours, shapes and sizes.

Even Snow Stephen Nansoh  had to jokingly posted that “You want to watch soft porn? Go to Promphizy IG or Whatsapp Story”
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Regardless of your preference, you’re likely to find what you like. On his Instagram stories.

See videos below : 👇👇👇

Let’s know what you think about this 💭 💭 💭

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