Why you shouldn’t fight your Relationship

Why you shouldn’t fight your Relationship

Relationship has two main phases the good/juicy part and the sad part, we all know life is all about competition, we tend to compete for alot of this in different categories don’t be surprised to know this is also applicable in relationships

God created us all with our imperfections, we come from different backgrounds, even twins do not share the same characters, by understanding this we have to know relationships won’t be an all time juicy and rossy there will surely be a time all the sparks would die down.

If you really love your partner whenever they are going astray is when you should show your strong will to make him/her yours and yours alone, fight for what you love.

I would quickly analyze some sad mistakes made in relationships by people who couldn’t man up to save their relationships

*breaking up with your partner immediately after she/he cheated: like I said earlier nobody is perfect we all make mistakes its actually absurd when you are into a relationship with someone for over 4years and they cheated just once and you call it quit, you never knew what happened that led to the mistake sit down talk about it and refresh your relationship its going to be hard but its the best

* believing someone better is out there: there is a saying that the devil you know is better off than the angel you dont, the next guy/lady you are meeting was also kicked out of a relationship by someone else..

*not forgiving their partner even when they still love you and you still love them: the fact that they realized that they offended you in time means they value and respect you, always give another chance.

*not ready to do what your partner’s admirers are doing: before any man or woman fend off from a relationship and start making mistakes there would be some loopholes, try detecting that and mend it.

*believing if he/she is yours they will come back:this is a quote by cowards, you don’t need to sit back and watch till he/she comes back to you rise up do all you can to have your partner back into your life and if it doesn’t work out they would even be able to attest that you tried your best.

My general advice to all ladies and guys out there never because of one flaw your partner has forget all the good deeds they have done, if your ex is still single and ready to mend things with you accept them back trust me they understand you more than anyone else

(Empire Exstreame).

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