Nature Of Love

Nature Of Love

When it comes to love and it’s nature, it’s a very broad discussion, but I will be outlining the most important part of it. Firstly I would love to define love and nature for better understanding.


Love is said to be a sacrifice shown from the deepest expression of a substance, love is charity or emotional feelings about something or a substance.


Nature is said to be a compulsory activities life has to undergo without self permission.

So looking at the both definition, we can say nature and love are concatenated, which means that love and nature has something in common.

Every human created in this world can’t do without love, as far as nature has something to do with you, love must inclusive.

God truly understands the real definition and important of love in our lives that’s why Eve was created for Adam. Even when the world was in great mess, God sent Jesus Christ to die for us so that we can regain his love.

So today I enjoined you to love rightly, because love is life.

(Emperor Sammy)

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