Five tips of maintaining a healthy relationship

Five tips of maintaining a healthy relationship up a.

One of the most fulfilling experiences which we can go through in life is a relationship. This is where you develop emotional feelings for someone else and through deliberate action, get close to them. Eventually, you propose partnership and officially declare that you are seeing them.

Relationship can be a source of joy, support, knowledge, and satisfaction. Seeing as nobody is perfect some of us make mistakes that ends up even the most passionate relationship.

Are you in a relationship and want it to last here are 5 tips to building a strong and loving relationship:

1.) In times of argument get silent and listen to your partner, this gives them a chance to Express themselves which gives a clear picture of your partners leading to more understanding.

2.) Communicate with your partner, this is the most important factor in every relationship. Do not wait until an argument before telling your partner how their habit bugs you. Do it when you notice and be assertive through the process.

3.) Pick your battles wisely, there are little things our partners can do to bug us, at such point you decide if the little problem is worth a huge argument or what you can over look.

4.) Explain your “WHY” Everyone has a reason why they do what they prefer. As such, if you do something and your partner does not approve try to explain why you did it.

5.)Appreciate your time together while your are still strength to. Most especially in marriage you as well as your partner is growing old, take the time to appreciate each other and do things together whenever you can in the early and middle stages of the relationship.

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