EVENT: 3monthshow-History Adjustment

#3monthsshow is one of the most hyped, trending and talked about show in the city of jos, #3monthsshow have alots of packages that are yet to be unveiled. Virginboi elvid also reveal the name of the second show when interviewed by some media group.He title the second show #HISTORY LOADED. Jos is a home of talents and 3monthsshow is the institution of raising talents, The team VIDNATIONalso posted on their social media handles that they will be dropping an apology track for those artists that didn’t get the chance to perform.
good day people of jos.VIDNATION is now her packaging and preparing for the second months show of #3monthsshow.but before then virginboi elvid is leaving us with an art title HISTORY ADJUSTMENT. they movement VIDNATIONdrop the art apologising for the time the event started due to sound problem the Dj cost that day, and the movement also go futher to apologies to all confirmed artists that didn’t get the chance to performed that day
History has been made on the land of plateau through this show.
Let the hyping continue
Jos we grow together 
Thank u and stay bless

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